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Website Monetization
Plugin & Tool Reviews

SEMrush for Website Monetization

How to monetize a website is a common question among most website owners. This question is about to become a thing of the past because this article will be exposing some powerful website monetization tools by SEMrush. These monetization tools are practical and efficient. They’ve been tested and tried and are known to provide robust results.

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Managed Cloud Hosting

Hosting WordPress On Managed Cloud Hosting – Lessen Your Hassle

Cloud-based hosting needs better infrastructure and technologies. Not every company can provide that. Not every random company can give you the option to host your site on a cloud server. Only those companies who have been in the industry for a quite long time and have good expertise in technology can provide you with the option.

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How To Build A Blog

How to build a blog using Hostgator Like The Flash

Thinking about starting a blog but fidgeting because you feel it’s difficult? Maybe it’s too time-consuming for you? Then we have the best article for you today. Presenting to you today’s article on How to build a blog using Hostgator. We have decided to put forth this piece today for those who are new in this industry and want to start fresh.

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User Behavior Analysis

User Behavior Analysis: Everything You Need To Know

Today, in this article, we’ll get to know what user behavior is and how it impacts your clicks, conversions, and sales. We’ll get to understand how user behavior gives us an idea on the way users and visitors think and act when they visit a page.

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Scroll Tracking

Google Analytics Scroll Tracking By MonsterInsights

Scroll Depth Tracking is the information about how far the viewer scrolls through your site. It is a feature that is offered by Google Analytics. It can help you track how much your website is scrolled by the audience. So, if someone visits your site and they don’t scroll, it means that they have just come here for a specific one content they needed. You haven’t been able to convert them into regular viewers.

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Email Marketing Guide
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Guide: Master The Art Of Email Marketing

This article is on Email marketing Guide today. By following the standard techniques and norms of email marketing along with an added, you’re pretty much guaranteed to recover the abandoned cart sales, fish out the visitors that left the page and improve your lost revenue. This is an excellent option for all sorts of business and enterprise.

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