Hi, I am Yousuf Hossain, an expert in WordPress and digital marketing. Let’s dive a bit deeper into what I mean when I say that I’m an expert. I have spent most of my time trying to master WordPress and Online Marketing. And it is safe to say that my portfolio follows my reputation as an expert in this field.


My Story.
 My Mission.

In this blog, I’ll review different WordPress themes, plugins, tools, hosting etc. I’ll also be providing solutions to your problems. I’ll teach you fixing bugs in wordpress coding too. I’ll provide tutorials for young learners like you so you can learn wordpress and marketing stuffs very easily. Overall, I’ll provide a thorough course outline of WordPress & digital marketing for you.

But do you think building up a portfolio was easy? Do you think that learning wordpress development and digital marketing in a country where the word internet still means social media only was easy? The answer is no, it was not. I trained myself at a time when there were no mentors available to me. And therefore, I faced a great many struggles when learning it. I was an aspiring trainee with no mentor, no proper background idea about WordPress and no course outline. Day by day, I trained myself from the ground up. And today, I have managed to earn the trust and loyalty of my clients by dint of my hard work and passion for the field.

If you’re a newcomer to this field, I promise you will face no such challenges as I did when I was learning. Trust me, I’ll make sure of that. I’ll make sure that you don’t get through the hardships that I went through. I’ll make sure that you have a great learning experience. So, I ask you to take a leap of faith and follow this blog of an already battered veteran. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Yousuf Hossain

WordPress Expert & Digital Marketer

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