How To Start A Successful Blog And How To Make Money Blogging

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With the invention and rapid advent of the internet, our lifestyle has drastically changed. The design of smartphones combined with the availability of internet to all classes of people has changed the way entrepreneurs manage their business nowadays. Today, earning doesn’t necessarily require us to engage in old school business styles. And by that, we mean that today one doesn’t necessarily need an office to run one’s operations from. One can run his business from his home using a blog. Yes, blogging is a familiar earning source nowadays. And therefore, today’s article is on how to start a successful blog and how to make money blogging.

What is blogging?

What is blogging

To understand what blogging means, we first need to know what a blog is. ‘Blog’ is a concise form of the word “weblog.” A blog is a website where one can post anything and everything as one wishes. One can write articles, post audio or video files, post pictures, post infographics, etc. A blog can contain content about anything. It can be a blog about food review, academics, tutorials, or just about one’s lifestyle.

Because of this freedom of subjects, blogs are nowadays a viral digital marketing platform for entrepreneurs, different manufacturers, and even big business corporations. The biggest attraction about writing a blog is the chance to interact with the readers or followers. Most blogs contain a comments section where the readers can share their thoughts about the content with the blogger. This helps the blogger to connect with his audience more. This also helps him to attract more readers.

How to start a successful blog?

Starting a blog and running it successfully isn’t a walk in the park. Well, it is if you have a clear road map. The technical part is comparatively easy. But running the blog smoothly is the challenge. And for that, you need proper research and a course of action. So, we recommend you to read this article on How to start a successful blog and how to make money blogging, we hope that you’ll get a better understanding after reading this.

Faqs before starting a blog


From my personal experience of blogging, I can tell you that a lot of questions arise in mind before starting a blog. In this section, I’ll try to answer a few of them.

Deciding the content for the blog

Probably the most important aspect of writing a blog is deciding what to blog about. There is an infinite number of options when it comes to choosing a topic. There’s food blogging, travel blogging, lifestyle blogging, fashion blogging, educational blogging and so much more. You don’t have to be a Ph.D. holder at the topic you write about, but it’s imperative to have at least some basic knowledge and practical experience about the topic you’re covering.

You can follow the following outline while writing a blog.
Ideate > Research > Organize > Write > Edit > Review > Publish

Remember the following while choosing a topic for your blog.

  • There's an audience base for your content.
  • You're comfortable writing about the content you choose.
  • Remember that you don't need to be an expert in what you blog about. Rather you need to have passion about the content.
  • You're confident about the content or not.
  • Remember that immediately after starting a blog, in the first few months, you will not have millions of followers. So, you need to have the determination and perseverance to push through that period.
  • Make sure that you choose content that will make it easier to generate write-ups.
  • Try to keep your content base at a narrower niche as it will enable you to pinpoint on a certain aspect of the broader topic. This will help you to achieve audience quicker.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the market for your blog. If you choose a content that has zero market demand, then all your efforts will go into vain. That’s why after choosing a topic of blogging that suits your style, see if the following criteria are met.

  • There are similar blogs on the same content that cater to the audience you're targeting too.
  • There are popular blogs with more than 10000 subscribers on the same content.
  • There are many popular Facebook pages, Instagram pages and Twitter accounts with a similar genre.
  • See if popular influencers are working on similar content.
  • There are advertisements when you google the keywords.
  • There are frequent inquiries about the topic in online platforms like Quora.
  • Their popular books are catering to the same audience about the topic.

If all the parameters above are met then congratulations as you have found your topic to cover. However, if the opposite is the cast than I’d suggest you to chalk up a new topic for your blog.

Here are a few short suggestions on topics and how to cover them.

Food blogging:

Food blogging is a delicious looking prospect in the world of blogging nowadays. Posting mouth-watering pictures of delicacies and reviewing their taste or teaching how to cook them will surely attract a lot of foodies towards your blog.

So here’s what you can do. You can review about food from different restaurants and write about them. But you’ll get more followers if you include pictures of the delicacy you’re reviewing. Remember that a good picture can communicate more than a thousand words. You can also post tutorials to help followers cook the dish. The tutorial may include a video to make the content even more lucrative. Make sure to include the recipe too while you’re at it.

Travel blogging:

Travel blogs are very fun to read, and travel vlogs are very exciting to watch. You can post pictures and videos of your trips and write short memoirs of the experience. Be informal and interactive as the readers like to get a more personal perspective.

Lifestyle blogging:

Making someone understand what a lifestyle blog means is quite difficult. Lifestyle blogging can be posting about your daily routine and how productive that is for your life. It can be about showcasing your way of life to the outer world. Lifestyle blogging is quite a wide range. It comprises of everything we do in our daily lives. It can be anything like owning an expensive house to traveling around the world.

Fashion blogging:

As the name suggests, fashion blogging means blogging about your fashion style and what you perceive to be the upcoming fashion trend. This kind of blogs goes a long way as people are always into looking good and staying trendy. And if your blog is once perceived as a trendsetter by the followers, then you’re set for life. People will start considering you as an influencer.

The scopes mentioned above are only a few of the hundreds of blogging opportunities that are out there. You need to find your passion and experience and grind them together with finesse to produce the perfect blogging content.

Preparing enough content before starting the blog:


The mistake that many people make is not posting regularly on their blogs, and this makes the site slow to the followers. And in turn, the followers slowly turn their backs on that blog as they don’t get new content regularly. And so, when you’re starting a new blog make sure that you have enough content ready to post for a few weeks.

I know how hard the first few weeks of starting a blog is. I had to maintain the marketing, posting new contents as well as creating them and also maintaining the technical issues. And creating new contents during this busy time is somewhat impossible. And if you panic and create a hasty content without ensuring the quality of it, be sure that the readers will criticize it.

And so, prepare a work plan to prepare new contents before you start the blog. Be sure that you have sufficient content to last you at least two months into the starting of the blog. This period is the most crucial as you still learn to get the hang of it. So preparing new and creative, quality content is very difficult at this period. If you have backup contents prepared, it will help you in those few weeks. Also, you can focus on running the blog more smoothly and learning the technical and monetary issues in the meantime.

Here are the benefits of having ready contents in short.

  • You don't become irregular in posting content during the initial period.
  • You ensure quality content even in times of urgency.
  • You keep the audience happy with regular posts.
  • You get to focus your energy more on the technical issues of starting a blog.

So, remember to prepare enough content beforehand when you’re starting a blog.

Deciding the platform of blogging

You may choose from a lot of alternatives when it comes to blogging platforms. However, when it comes to the best of them all, there’s only one ruler. And that’s WordPress. However, there are a lot of platforms to blog right now. They are listed below.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Blogger
  • Typo3
  • Wix
  • Other

You can see that there are a lot of options when it comes to blogging platforms. However, the market share goes to WordPress. More than 30% of websites online use WordPress in their websites.

The credibility of WordPress:

WordPress is the most famously used web developing CMS in the market right now. It is well ahead of its prime competitor Joomla in the market with WordPress having 30% of the users using it. Joomla has around 5%. Discrepancy and user preference are very clear in the above example. WordPress holds 60% of the CMS [Content Management System] market.

Famous brands and individuals like Twitter, BBC, Wired, The Time Magazine, Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Jay Z, New York Post, Harvard University and thousands of others use WordPress. This proves the recognition and credibility of WordPress. StudioPress, the maker of Genesis Framework, work on this platform.

Technical Strength of using WordPress:

Technical Strength of using WordPress

WordPress is very technically strong too. The plugins are very easy to use too and customization is easy and the framework coding is very fluid and simple. This makes it very fast to use. Here are a few technical strong suites of WordPress.

1. Ease of use:

Time spent on formatting using this platform is greatly reduced. Adding new pages, pictures, blog posts on a regular basis are now just a piece of cake.

2. Managing your website from any computer:

WordPress platform is based on browsers. So, you can use any computer that’s connected to the internet and boom! You can easily make any alterations to your site as necessary.

3. HTML editing or FTP software are not required:

HTML editing software like Adobe contributor or Dream Weaver are not required for uploading a file anymore, be it a picture or audio or video file. WordPress is a self-contained system in itself.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO are equipped with WordPress. And that makes ranking your website higher in google that much easier. You can now use these plugins in your WordPress based website to make sure that your website is among the top ones during a google search.

5. Control of your site:

With WordPress, you don’t have to wait around for a web designer or developer to come to you to fix a minor problem or edit a minor issue. You can do it yourself anytime you want. It’s that easy.

6. One-touch go to the blog:

WordPress was initially intended for blogging. And therefore, yes, you have guessed it right, WordPress comes with the required blogging plugins and facilities. For example, commenting capabilities, setting up RSS/ email addresses, etc. are very easy and given in settings. Also, adding the most recent blog posts to the other pages of the blog like the home page are also very simple.

7. Awesome Plugins:

Do you want a Twitter feed linked to your account? Or maybe an event calendar or even a video gallery maybe? Or a facebook fan box? Don’t worry, WordPress comes equipped with every possible plugin you may need.

8. No compromise of site performance with growth of blog:

Don’t worry about performance issues if you’re planning on having thousands of contents in your blog. WordPress developers don’t compromise with the quality, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a smooth experience throughout your usage period.

9. Multiple users:

You’ll be the admin of your blog, there’s no doubt about that. However, a blog needs proper monitoring for proper maintenance and for that WordPress has the facility of assigning access to different people with different access levels.

10. Aesthetic themes:

WordPress is used to develop very attractive and aesthetic looking themes for WordPress users. These are top of the line products trust me.

Which WordPress developer to rely on:

There are a lot of developers to choose from when it comes to buying WordPress themes from. Yes, people buy readymade WordPress themes from developers. And why do they do it? Well, they do it because creating a web site on your own is pretty tough in itself. And when you’re under the added pressure of making a blog and managing it too, creating your web site becomes all the more difficult. And therefore, people buy ready to go WordPress themes for their web sites and customize them according to their preference.

Now, there is a lot of fish in the sea. And here are a few of them.

Studiopress is one of the best theme providers when it comes to WordPress. They are very prominent, and they are the makers of the profound Genesis framework which is applauded worldwide. Here are a few features of Studiopress.

  • StudioPress has the best Search Engine Optimization.
  • StudioPress has a mobile responsive design.
  • StudioPress themes are very secure.
  • Very fast loading times.
  • It has accessibility for the visually impaired and hearing impaired.
  • It has the fluency of programming codes and therefore very lightweight programming and a smooth site operating experience.
  • StudioPress is the developer of the Genesis framework, the best and most used framework in the world right now. And therefore, StudioPress themes have updates as soon as a bug is reported or there are any issues.
  • StudioPress also has a huge community and so getting help for any problem won't be a problem.

The pricing of the StudioPress themes is very reasonable. There’s a detailed review on Studiopress on our website. You can go and check it out.

Astra is a beast if you’re looking for speed and performance. Astra uses vanilla javascript as often render blocking jquery hampers performance optimization. This ensures a greater loading time and fast performance of Astra themes.

Astra is a very lightweight program requiring less than 50 KB in resources. Other WordPress themes require as far as 300 KB. Astra loads in up to less than half a second due to its design for optimal performance.

All these facilities combined with slick and stylish looks of the themes provide a very lucrative experience when using Astra WordPress themes.

Here is a detailed price list of Astra bundles.

Astra Pro package includes all Astra Pro features, 20+ starter sites, one to one support, extensive training, unlimited website usage, and many more features. Some of those features include Woocommerce, Spacing headers, Sticky headers, Learndash integration, LifterLMS integration, Mega Menu, Footer widgets and many more. And you get all of these for only $59 annually.

It includes all features of Astra Pro and more like the Astra Theme Pro Addon. There’s a WP portfolio, ultimate add-ons for beaver builder; ultimate add ons for elementor and a lot more. And you get all this for an annual $169.

Aside from all the Mini agency bundle facilities there are other exclusive features like the availability of all future schemes and themes, Schema pro and Convert pro, etc. And you get all this for a whopping $249 annual fee.

Elegant themes signature is their flagship ‘Divi‘ theme. Since its arrival in 2013, it has been the developer’s mission to make this the single best WordPress theme available in the market. The reason for this great fame is the ability of divi to create any type of website possible. Another USP of the divi is its powerful drag and drop page building tool. Now creating your page without even looking at a single line of code has become even easier with this.

Another great choice for WordPress themes in Themeforest. If you’re someone a bit low in budget, then Themeforest is the way to go for you. It has a huge library for themes of WordPress and Joomla, for e-commerce sites like Shopify and Woocommerce, etc. The Themeforest is connected with the Envato market which is the digital ecosystem with 3500 designers ready to create any digital asset you may ever need.

Generatepress is another effluent theme providing company. Their motto is ‘We take speed, security, and usability seriously.” They also have a very good theme base. Their default WordPress install is less than 30 KB. They have validated HTML and structured data which makes loading times super fast. They follow WCAG 2.0 structure for greater accessibility. This ensures greater accessibility when using your website.

If you still haven’t got a theme for your website yet, we’d suggest you check the above theme providers for a theme of your choice. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Deciding on the domain name

What is a domain name:

I think that most of you reading this piece will have this question in mind. Don’t be sad thinking that you’re the only one who doesn’t know it. Now, to say it shortly, the domain name is the unique name of your website by which it will be found on the internet when searched. It is the unique address of your web page on the internet.

A domain name mainly consists of two parts. One is the unique domain identifier, for example, facebook, google, etc. And the other part is the extension part which is the .com or .org etc. part. The extension part is also known as the TLD. The domain identifier can be any alphanumeric character with a hyphen. However, the extension or TLD has to be chosen from a base of existing ones. There are a lot of extensions. Here are a few to denote what they stand for.

  • .edu - Educational
  • .com - Commercial
  • .org - Organizational
  • .bd - Bangladesh
  • .in - India
  • .gov - Government Sites
  • .uk - United Kingdom
  • .us - USA

There are hundreds of other extensions like this that are just waiting to be picked by you.

Qualities that a good domain name should possess:

There are a few qualities that a good domain name should possess. They are as follows.

A Catchy Name:

Remember, appearance and first impressions are everything. A sweet, catchy name rings inside the human brain forever and occupies a permanent spot there. So, if you want your blog to win your readers at the very first impression, remember to give your website a cool domain name.

A Short Name:

Don’t get too carried away when naming your domain. Remember, a catchy name is required, but it has to be short and precise. Giving your website a domain name that is impossible to memorize in the first place won’t do any good as people will have a difficult time remembering your blogs name. So, keep it short and crisp.

Does it look good?:

Imagine your domain name as the color of the dress you’re wearing. You definitely wouldn’t wear awkward contrast clothes that make you look like a creep, would you? Or imagine your domain name with the name of your favorite dog. You wouldn’t name it something that sounds super hilarious, would you? The same is the case with your domain name. You have to give it a name that is elegant and buzzing at the same time.

Is it unique?:

Please don’t copy others when it comes to naming your domain. Don’t name your website facebook 2.0. It sounds desperate and is a cheap attempt at instant success. Remember, your name should be as original as your content. Don’t give your audience a fraudulent vibe before they can even look at your content.

Does it send the message intended?:

When selecting your domain name, try coming up with a name that connects the idea of your blog to the audience visiting your site. For example, if you’re a food blogger, try coming up with a short and buzzing name that instantly attracts your fellow foodies. If you’re a photographer, try coming up with a name that mesmerizes fellow photograph enthusiasts and compels them to follow your content. If you’re someone trying to create a brand with your name, then try using your first or last name as the domain name.

However, remember that these are all suggestions. You can always create your perfect tapestry when coming up with a cool and elegant name. To check the domain availability, visit Namecheap.

Benefits of having a good domain name:

The audience has an easier time remembering the name of your website, and there’s a greater chance of higher traffic directed towards your blog. A buzzing name becomes very catchy, and people can’t get it out of their heads. And eventually, their curious minds will get the best of them and you’ll get the audience you want.

A short, concise, elegant name that also sends a message regarding the content of the blog attracts readers very strongly. People love to get a hint about what they’re getting into before actually reading the content. This hint gives us a sense of comfort as we know that we’re not entering uncharted territory. This is good for getting online traffic.

So, to recap, come up with a cool, buzzing name and voila! You have your auditory heaven.

Web hosting

What is Web hosting:

Now comes the more difficult part. Web hosting is a bit complicated to understand if you’re not used to the tech-savvy jargon. However, to put it simply, let’s say that web hosting is a kind of service that allows anyone to post a website or a webpage on the online community. Websites are gathered on unique computers called servers. When users want to watch a website or a webpage, they type the address or domain into their browser and their device will then connect to a server and the webpage will be displayed to them via the browser.

Hosting is probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to learning how to start a successful blog and how to make money blogging.

Web hosting service provider:

A web hosting service provider is an organization or a business that provides the service and tech needed for the website to be viewed on the internet. Most hosting companies require that a domain is owned before they host your website. However, if you don’t own a domain, the hosting companies will help you buy one.

Things to expect from a company that provides hosting:

Email accounts:

As mentioned earlier, most hosting providers require users to have their domain name owned by the user. Using the domain name and the email account provided by the hosting organization, you can create your very own domain email accounts (e.g. [email protected]).


Cpanel is a web-based hosting control panel provided by hosting providers to website owners to allow them to manage their websites from a web-based interface. This program gives users a graphical interface from which they can control their portion of the Unix server.

FTP access:

The use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) lets a person upload files from a local computer to a web server. If a user builds his or her website using their HTML files, they can transfer the files from their computer to the Web server through FTP. This allows a website to be accessed through the internet.

WordPress Support:

As mentioned in earlier sub-sections, WordPress is an online website creation tool. It is probably the most famous and commonly used content management system, which is a convenient way to create and manage a website. Most hosting providers will inform you beforehand if their plans are WordPress oriented or not. The simple requirements for hosting a WordPress website include PHP 7 or greater and MySQL 5.6 or greater.

Now you have a concise idea about what web hosting is and what to expect from a hosting provider. However, you still need some idea about which provider to trust when buying hosting for your website.

There are a few available options in the market while buying a hosting. First, we’ll talk about Siteground.

Siteground is a famous and well-known hosting provider in the world. It’s well known for its exciting features.

Siteground comes as compatible with PHP 7 which has been tested and confirmed to be twice as fast as PHP 5.6. Siteground also has their very own Super catcher meaning that loading times are now extra fast as static contents, as well as dynamic ones, are read faster. Site ground also has multiple data centers.

Siteground is the first host to support HTTP/2. Siteground has very lucrative hosting plans like the startup plan which costs 3.95 Dollars monthly. Then there’s the Growbig plan which costs 5.95 Dollars monthly. Finally, there’s the GoGeek plan which costs 11.95 Dollars monthly.

If shared hosting is not your thing, then there’s cloud hosting by Siteground too. This means that Your websites can now use the virtual resources of several servers to fulfill all the necessary prerequisites of hosting fast and efficiently.

Siteground has dedicated servers. Siteground uses the top-notch security system to keep your website free from malware and hackers.

There’s a detailed article on Siteground in our site. For more details on Siteground, please give that a read.

Now let’s talk about WPEngine. WPEngine is trusted by various flagship world famous brands and organizations like The Arizona State University, Under Armour, Arnette, Hello Fresh, AFV, etc. WPEngine combines agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions in their hostings so that you get a proper and total solution. So, now you don’t have to worry about buying different hostings as you’re getting the best of all worlds including e-commerce sites and content hub if you use WPEngine.

Why WPEngine:
  • WPEngine provides all that's available in Sitegrounds and more.
  • Creative agility.
  • Enterprise Performance.
  • Actionable Intelligence.
  • Ecosystem Integration.

Bluehost is another hosting service provider on our list. With this hosting, You get unlimited disk storage, unlimited domain hosting, free drag and drop site builder, free domain name (one year), International domain name support, POP 3/POP 3 secure E-mail support, Add-on domains, Subdomains, Parked domains, cPanel account control panel and lots more. You also get FTP access, Web file manager, SSH Access, Server Sides, Hotlink protection and a bunch of other stuff. Plus, they provide E-commerce features too like ZenCart, Cube cart, Agora shopping cart, etc.

Another excellent addition in web hosting providers is the Web hosting pad. They have some of the cheapest plans available if you’re looking for something low key. But bear in mind that these cheap hostings will never be on par with WP Engine, Siteground, Cloudfare and Bluehost.

They have four packages namely shared hosting for $1.99 monthly, WordPress hosting for $2.99 monthly, Weebly hosting for $1.99 monthly and VPS hosting for $29.95 monthly. All of these bundles will give you free domain names, Free site builders, 24/7 support, SSD database storage, unlimited professional email, money back guarantee (T & C applied). If you think why you should go for web hosting pad for such a reasonable price, then here’s a number of reasons why. You get free website transfer, free cPanel control panel, free e-commerce integrations, SSL secure sites, automated weekly backup service, automatic quarantine and malware protection and much more.

Installing and using WordPress

After you’re done buying hosting and setting up a domain name, usually your hosting provider will give you the link to installing WordPress that you can easily use. After installation, you have to use it.

Don’t think for a second that using WordPress is very hard. It’s not. The user interface of WordPress is very easy to use and handle. However, for the ease of completely new faces to WordPress, we’ll be providing some basic knowledge about how to run it.

Installing WordPress is very easy as well as super fast. It is in fact, known for its ease of installation. It can be installed as fast as within 5 minutes. Usually, most hosting providers provide you the WordPress set up. However, if you need to do it yourself, you can follow the following steps. First, open the Cpanel and click on the WordPress installation icon. Then put username, password and fill out the other required fields and complete the installation. After the installation is complete, you can now log in to your WordPress account using your username and the password. And Voila! WordPress is installed and ready to go for you!

The must-have plugins and tools for WordPress

There are a bunch of WordPress plugins and tools to kick start your blog or online business venture with a bang. However, WordPress has an innumerable number of plugins and tools (54,226) to choose from, and this can make your job a little bit difficult. But then again, it’s our job to make your life easier.

With that end in mind, we’ll be providing you with recommendations of the most commonly used and must have plugins and tools for WordPress that will take your blogging game to a whole new level.

You’d want your readers to get in touch with you, won’t you? And for that, you’d need contact forms, subscriber identity forms, online payment forms, email subscription forms, order forms, etc. To fulfill this requirement, WordPress offers its easy and efficient tool, WPForms.

With this drag and drop online form builder you can now easily create your very own personalized forms fit to your necessity. WordPress has integration with the most popular marketing forums and payment platforms, and so, you can create your powerful form in less than 5 minutes.

There are two versions of WPForms; the lite and the pro. We recommend you to take the pro one because it comes with all the necessary tools you may need in your arsenal.

Monitoring the traffic flow of your blog or website is equally important as creating quality content. And for analyzing such data, WordPress has the best plugin named Monsterinsights, which is probably the best Google analytics plugin in the market. With this plugin in your arsenal, you’ll be able to analyze how people are using your website and in what frequency. This tool can then be used to address your website accordingly to increase traffic and revenue.

In short, this plugin provides you with the statistics on your website or blog.

ActiveCampaign is a very important email marketing tool for digital marketers. You want your audience to connect and engage with you, and you’ll also want to turn your visitors into paying customers. ActiveCampaign helps you do just that. It helps create the right email for the right audience based on your needs. Its features include:

Broadcast emails:

At times, you may need to deliver a single message to all of your visitors, customers, etc. ActiveCampaign makes you beautiful and efficient broadcast emails to help you get in touch with everyone very easily.

Triggered Emails:

Triggered emails are sent to users who trigger your website by purchasing, visiting, etc. ActiveCampaign identifies such trigger responses and sends relevant email to the visitors or customers.

Targeted Emails:

With the help of ActiveCampaign, you can now segment your audience into different groups and send the relevant message to each group without any repetition.

Email Autoresponders:

Email autoresponders help you to connect with your visitors immediately by sending them a welcome mail or lead magnets without making them wait. This is amazing because it helps to keep your customers happy.

Email Funnels:

You can now sell more with the help of ActiveCampaign. With email automation that turns interested visitors to paying customers, you can now increase your paying traffic by a huge factor.

Scheduled Emails:

You can now schedule emails with the help of ActiveCampaign, and this is perfect for any events that may increase your website traffic.

The pricing of ActiveCampaign is also lucrative. With four packages named lite, plus, professional and enterprise, the price range goes from $9 monthly, $49 monthly, $129 monthly and $229 monthly respectively.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll bait and hook all the visitors that visit your page. To ensure that you capture the most customers or at least convert the leaving visitors or email subscribers, you’ll need OptinMonster as the go-to tool. With its powerful display features and pre-made high converting opt-in forms, you’re pretty much guaranteed to recover the abandoned cart sales, fish out the visitors that left the page and recover your lost revenue. This is a great option for all sorts of business and enterprise.

Your audience will only interact with you if they are given a chance to engage. And to engage with your audience, the best idea is to create pop-ups and quizzes that will capture your audience. It is seen that pop-ups and quizzes increase the conversion rate of a website by almost 400% in average. And for that, we believe that KyLeads is the best plugin for the job.

Boost sales:

With relevant and engaging quizzes and pop-ups, you are guaranteed to make your website more interactive and as a result capture more visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Target Visitors:

KyLeads allows you to send the right pop-ups and quizzes to the right people instead of broadly sending them to all. And as a result, you can engage with your audience by targeting according to a specific niche and starting a conversation.

Generate Leads:

You can connect to your email marketing service, generate and segment leads in a few minutes using the KyLeads plugin.

Get smart and efficient analytics report:

With KyLeads, you get concise and smart reports on the overall activity of your website, what’s working and what’s not, etc. So now, you don’t have to be a data analysis expert to understand the ups and downs of your website.

The pricing options for the plugin is quite simple with only two packages to choose from. The first package is named Go Monthly which costs $50 monthly and the second one is Go yearly which costs $500 per year with two months of subscription free.

As an online business owner, you’ll want your website to be safe from DDoS attacks, malware threats, Brute force attacks and any other sort of online security threat there is. And that’s where Sucuri comes in. This plugin provides you a strong web application firewall and WordPress security that’s unparalleled in the market.

Updraft plus is the single most important plugin that you must have for your WordPress website. This plugin offers you automatic backups of your website files to secure locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, S3, Rackspace, etc. So now you don’t have to worry about important files or settings or modifications going missing due to lack of backup.

WP Rocket, which is one of the best caching plugins for WordPress, is available in the market right now. It increases the speed of your website manifolds and gives visitors a smooth experience. It automatically turns on recommended features like gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading. You can also turn on the other optional features to gain an unimaginable faster experience.

If your business needs online communities based on various parameters, then Memberpress is the best solution for you. Now you can restrict your content based on a different payment plan. You can also create your community of consumers to make sure anyone can access help whenever they need it. It also pans out nicely with online stores using Woocommerce.

If you need to customize a WP theme according to your needs, but you don’t know a single line of CSS coding, then CSS hero is the plugin you need. Using CSS hero, you can now customize any themes in the market within minutes to adjust it according to your needs.

Semrush is probably the most important tool of all that we’re discussing here. This is a powerful online marketing tool for digital marketing professionals. It helps you with SEO, Content and PR strategy, Competitors intelligence, Market analysis, Keyword research, backlink audit, tracking brand mentions, etc. This is an all in one tool when it comes to digital marketing.

Live chat plugin is very important for you if you’re running an E-Commerce website as you’ll have to connect customers to the care center for any information disbursement that may be required. It is very fast and easy to use.

If your work is related to content creation, then Grammarly is an absolute must-have plugin for you. As the name suggests, Grammarly checks for any grammatical error, spelling mistakes, contextual errors in your writeups and provides you a solution. There are two different payment versions of Grammarly, the free and the paid one.

The free one is sufficient for most people but if you want to unlock plagiarism checker, and vocabulary enhancer then we’d suggest you buy the premiere version.

If you have thousands of articles in your disposal to publish in your blog and another thousand associated affiliated links, then Thirsty Affiliates is a must have plugin for you. It cloaks huge and long affiliate links for you to manage them better being compliant with Google’s policies. It protects your commissions from theft. And you can insert affiliate links into blog posts easily using this one.

It includes Autolink keywords, geolocation links, smart uncloaking, proactive link fixer, automatic 404 checkers, CSV import/export, 3rd party link importing, Google analytic events and much more.

If your site is under maintenance, renovation or construction but you don’t want to lose the visitors visiting your page, then SeedProd can be the perfect plugin for you to notify the visitors about the duration of the maintenance as well as incorporate email and social media integration to make sure you retain them. With this plugin, you can now display beautiful ‘Coming soon’ pages along with countdown timers and customer care contact process to make sure that your traffic is hyped about the relaunching.

Elementor Pro is a page building plugin that will help you build your webpage from the ground up. Using the templates that are given in elementor pro, you can now design elegant and beautiful designs.

Reasons to buy Elementor Pro:

  • Industry-leading theme builder of Elementor pro ensures you a quality WordPress theme for your website. You can now create headers and footers, create every minute aspect of your blog, Create advanced, dynamic websites and get control over your theme without having to know a single line of coding.
  • There are 50+ top notch widgets built in with the elementor Pro. You get premium media widgets, a full set of social media widgets, menu widget along with search bar and more, comprehensive single post widgets, marketing, and tech conversion widgets and many more.
  • You get visual form builder with inbuilt integrations along with elementor Pro. You can build high end converting forms, design your form, integrate to your favorite marketing tools, make advanced form fields and ensure spam filter along with protection.
  • You can now ensure post and portfolio by showcasing your best posts and projects. You can perform advanced post filtering. There are beautiful, classic portfolio and cards skin. It works on any custom post type. You have endless grid layout & style options.
  • Ecommerce is now a whole lot easier thanks to Elementor Pro. You can now customize your single product and product archive pages. There are 18 dynamic Woocommerce widgets; You can add products and categories to your pages and design creative sales pages.

For the not so tech-savvy business owners who like to create their custom webpages without having to hire developers, Beaver Builder is the best plugin tool there is. With its very easy and efficient drag and drop build, users can now create their custom layout within minutes easily.

Yoast SEO provides you with the best Search Engine optimization there is. Though WordPress is SEO friendly out of the box, there’s so much more to do regarding SEO when you add Yoast SEO to your arsenal. Advantages such as the capability to add meta tags, linking your website to Google search console and many more make this plugin the ultimate tool if you want to rank your website higher in search engines. Moreover, it also helps to check that your website doesn’t have any broken links via providing 301 redirecting which is pretty powerful as it can detect URL changes and redirect accordingly.

TablePress allows you to create and edit beautiful tables on your website whenever necessary with each of your posts. It keeps your table data separate from your posts and pages which means you can embed the table and edit it from any single location.

WPML is the plugin for you if your website caters to a multilingual target audience. Often big businesses and blog sites require maintaining websites that cater to people speaking different languages. WordPress by default makes it harder to develop a multilingual website, but WPML plugin helps to overcome this barrier in communication and serve owners to cater to a wider consumer base.

Woocommerce is one of the most renowned eCommerce plugins for websites, being used by more than 4 million websites in the world right now. It comes equipped with all the tools necessary to build you the perfect E-commerce site or online store. This plugin is so powerful and dominant in the present market that there’s a whole different ecosystem for Woocommerce now with its themes, hostings, and sub-plugins.

If your website or blog is about teaching people or providing tutorials, then LearnDash is the best plugin for you. With the help of its efficient drag and drop builder, you can now add courses, quizzes, lessons, assignments etc. as much as your need.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin is the best WordPress plugin available for social media plugins. It helps provide you beautiful social media icons to click on. It also adds shared accounts to add proof of visit to your website. It gives you the option to link from 35 social media platforms. You can add sharing buttons in 5 different locations namely as a floating sidebar, above or below content, on images and videos, automatic pop up and automatic fly in.

There are also six automatic pop up and fly in variations available namely Timed delay, the bottom of the post, after commenting, Upon % scroll, upon inactivity and after purchasing.

Create and design your icons according to your needs and customize existing ones too. Pick your icon orientation with the help of this too. It is elegantly responsive, lightning fast, and consists of the great Monarch dashboard.

By default, WordPress uses the PHP protocol of email exchange. However, either the hosting companies often don’t have the feature set up correctly, or they block it to prevent abuse, and as a result, often, the users and the owner miss important emails. To solve this problem, The WP Mail SMTP plugin sends WordPress emails using a proper SMTP mail server to ensure that no mail is left out.

3 basic settings WordPress must have

The next thing to know in this how to start a successful blog and how to make money blogging article is some basic WordPress settings. If you’ve been with us from the beginning till now, then you’ve come a long way. You’re almost towards the end now. After you’ve designed your website, make sure that the site or blog has the following settings:

Make sure to choose your suitable permalink structure. Permalink structures the URLs of your site that helps in ranking your site higher in Google as well as helping your audience navigate easily.

prevent username

Make sure that your blog is public. Go to settings, then Reading and make sure that the checkbox titled ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked. Otherwise your website will be marked by the search engine as ‘no index,’ and in turn, your website or blog won’t go public, and all your hard work will go in vain.

Make sure that you have the basic settings Customized in the WordPress customizer. First, set your Site title and tagline in the Site Identity tab. Next, add a favicon in the site identity tab. Finally, explore the theme-specific settings to find out required modification.


The home page

Now that your blog website structure is ready to go, you need to start working on some actual posts. But hold on! You need first to create your home page as it defines your website or blog. We all know that first impressions are the most important ones. They leave a permanent mark in peoples minds. And so, creating a beautiful, elegant and efficient home page is a must.

The things you should put in the home page go something like this.

First, make sure that you have a headline or tagline that defines what your blog is about. It has to be fresh, unique and most importantly, catchy.

Write something about yourself and why people should stick with you. There are a lot of styles of introducing yourself. But the one we recommend is being casual with just a touch of elegance. Remember, no one likes a boring person, and no one likes an over casual one either.

Make sure that the links to your best contents are given on the homepage. Remember, people always love the first impression, and it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll want some samples. And if they love it, then they’re hooked. So, keep the best product links on the homepage so people can easily taste some of your contents.

Make sure that your blog is well navigable. And the homepage is the first step in making your visitors comfortable with your website. Make sure that the hierarchy is visible. And last but not least, don’t cram it.

Also, keep an email subscription option to capture your audience.

Staying fresh and unique


If your blog is about content then definitely you’ll need loads of content. It’s one of the most important topics on how to start a successful blog. But do you think that it means that you have to be a creative Superman to do that? Do you need to lock yourself up, get isolated and brainstorm fresh and unique ideas? The answer is a brutal and flat no. It doesn’t matter what you want to write. I know, it’s a big slap on the face. What matters is what the readers want. And for that purpose, you can follow two schools of thoughts.

First, you can move with a competition approach to fish out what your topmost competitors are doing and try to catch the market accordingly.

Secondly, you can carry out proper research to find out what the consumers want and write content accordingly to build up your traffic base slowly.

There’s another very interesting and unconventional method of finding out blog ideas. And that is keeping an eye on Quora and the comment section of your competitor’s blogs. Remember, the people asking questions in Quora are real people, and their questions mean that they need help with something. Try to find out your niche from among those questions and come up with blog ideas. Also, keep an eye on the comments of your competitor’s blogs. Remember, you can always find a content hole that can be utilized to your advantage from those comments.

Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you utilize keywords to their fullest potential. People search on Google via the keywords they’re looking for. And that’s why bloggers use keywords to their advantage to get a higher ranking in Google. That’s why you should perform proper research on keywords and use it to your advantage so that your website gets more hit in google when the keyword is searched. And once you’ve built your audience base, you can then start releasing unique, new contents and create a new standard of blogging that no one can beat.

How to write fluent and attractive blog posts

There are no specific guidelines to instruct people on how to create the perfect blog post. Just as writing, blogging is also an art. It has to be perfected over a long period of time. That being said, there are a few basics to know.

Firstly, you need to have a distinct and clear vision of your goal or why you’re blogging in the first place. This can be achieved by asking yourself a few questions. For example, ask yourself if your goal is to bring people to your brick and mortar stores or to create an online community who’ll subscribe to you for newsletters. Ask yourself if you want to let people know about a new product you’re launching or making people aware of any environmental issue. The scope is wide when you’re blogging. So the goals of different people will also be different.

Second, make sure to create an outline of your work. It will help you stay organized. You’ll also feel more confident and won’t feel lost while writing.

Third, keep four or five alternate headlines for your article.

Fourth, Make sure that the blog is not boring and is interactive. Use language that is smooth and fluent and fun to read and easy on the eyes.

Next, proofread and edit the post if necessary.

Finally, give it one last read and publish it to the world.

Search Engine Optimization for the blog

search engine optimization

SEO can be a very difficult topic for beginners to grasp and so we’ll keep it very short and concise for you here. What you need to remember is:

  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO
  • Site Architecture
  • Link Building

First, keywords are the base of SEO. People search for what they want in google by inputting keywords. And if your content and blog site has those keywords in common, then Google will put your page very high in the search results. That’s why to you choose your keywords very carefully.

Secondly, to talk in brief about on page SEO, just remember the following- Make sure to include the keyword in the page/post title, the URL, at least in one subheading on the page, in at least one image’s alternate title, in the meta title and the meta description and finally a handful of times in the body content.

Third, regarding site structure, remember that your audience is not only human beings but also Google. Make sure your site is scalable to Google crawler bots and also ensure that each page is at max three clicks away from any other page in your site. This helps Google navigate through your page more efficiently and put your website higher in SEO.

Finally, we’ll talk about the links on your website. Human beings need friends and connections to survive fluently in society. Similarly, your website also needs links or connections. Links of other websites included in your blog is a very important factor here. Let me explain it more simply. Think of your Website as an election candidate. The higher votes you have, the more chance is there of your winning. These links from other websites are the votes. So now you understand what importance links of other websites have. Now how do you get them?

Communicate with the influential of the industry, build a network and increase your reputation so that you may request them to give you links from their websites. This will improve the reliability of your page to Google.

We already have a detailed article on our blog regarding how to do SEO. You can check it here.

The ideal path to promote blogs

There’s no perfect way of helping your blog. But, you can use the following pointers to get the ball rolling.

  • Create content worth promoting.
  • Always be networking. Stay active in relevant Facebook pages.
  • Start creating e-mail lists. You can use tools like ConstantContact, Aweber, MailChimp to do the trick for you by creating an email signup dialog box.
  • Start expanding the list. You can use Optin forms to help you build this list base.
  • Start gathering lead and customers. You may use Facebook ads and Google AdWords to help acquire leads and customers to your cause.
  • Interlink your contents to keep visitors busy on your pages.
  • StudioPress is the developer of the Genesis framework, the best and most used framework in the world right now. And therefore, StudioPress themes have updates as soon as a bug is reported or there are any issues.
  • StudioPress also has a huge community and so getting help for any problem won't be a problem.

Building revenue from blogs

blog revenue

How to make money blogging is a question we often face. We can publish a book on how to monetize your blog, and it still wouldn’t be enough. However, we’ll tell you those tips in short bullet points here right now. You can take the following approaches to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing means marketing and selling someone’s products or services for a specific commission. You can do that in your blog or site to build revenue.

Freelancing: There are a lot of people who require your service in content writing or graphics design etc. You can provide those services to earn revenue.

Sponsorships & Advertising: You can post sponsored ads in exchange for money in your blog to earn money.

Creating Online Courses: You may create various educative online courses for demanded topics that people will buy and you’ll earn money.

Selling Books / Products: You can earn money by selling tutorial e-books, etc. on your blog.


So this was a brief description of How to start a successful blog and how to make money blogging. We tried to discuss all the must-know details here, in short, to help get you started. However, we know that there’s still a considerable depth to cover if you want to be an expert In blogging. With that end in mind, our site will contain all the detailed articles on the headers above. Till then, subscribe to us to stay updated with all of our new and exclusive contents and newsletters. We also provide private tutorials to our subscribers. We hope you liked the content as much as we liked creating it. And until next time, hold on tight for another new and fresh content. Goodbye!

This post contains affiliate links. It means if you click one of the product links and then purchase the product, we’ll receive a small percentage from the sellers’ end. No need to worry! You’ll still pay the standard amount. So, there’s no extra charge from your part.

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